Mini Dissonant Designs Feature Program

I love supporting young creators and entrepreneurs. I can't drive or walk by a kid selling lemonade or other homemade item without stopping and buying something! I believe that when we support dreams in young people we send a message of confidence to them that has an impact. I also really like lemonade, so there's that :)

When I started Dissonant Designs, one of the first things I thought a lot about was the experience of the package and how to engage, not just the parent, but the babe who would be wearing my t-shirt. I decided at the beginning to include a scratch off 'design a tee' activity as part of my business postcard. Getting to see the designs trickle in has been a delight. The creativity that I see on each scratch-off tee has been one of the best parts of my job!

I wanted to come up with a way to amplify and nurture the creativity I was seeing so created the Mini Dissonant Designers Feature Program. The Designed by the Future collection is where the original designs by each mini designer who gets featured will be housed. To qualify for this collection, the designer must be between the ages of 3-16 and provide an original work of art on their scratch off tee that does not use any trademarked or copyrighted material or logos by any other brand.

The design must be able to be created with vinyl. With the permission of the parent/guardian, each tee that is submitted and meets eligibility requirements will be turned into a design that can be placed on a t-shirt. Mini Designer tees will be featured and for sale for a limited time. 50% of the profits from any sales will go back to the Mini Dissonant Designer through their parent/guardian.