Scholarship Program

When I started Dissonant Designs, I knew I wanted it to be more than a t-shirt shop. I wanted to help make an impact on the lives of the kids who wear my gear. From the very first sale, I have put $2 from every tee sold into a separate account that will go toward funding a scholarship program to help young musicians and artists.

Music and art spark creativity, boost brain power, improve academic performance, increase confidence and self-esteem, and help to develop visual learning and motor skills. Sadly, music and art programs are often under-funded and sometimes completely inaccessible because of a family's lack of financial security. I know I can't help every child who has a passion for art and music but I am determined to help as many as possible.

Once I hit $150.00 in the scholarship account, I plan to launch the application process which will allow parents and other caregivers to apply for the scholarship. This scholarship application process will happen each time that benchmark is achieved.  As Dissonant Designs grows, my intent is that the amount of the scholarship will also grow or be available more often. 

The recipient will be able to use the scholarship to assist with the costs associated with learning and mastering their chosen artistic endeavor. Maybe it means they can take a new dance class or top off a savings fund to buy a new instrument; maybe it means they can buy art supplies to explore a different artistic medium they love or buy a software program so they can learn Photoshop and videography. Whatever it means for them, I'm here for it. Sometimes a small gift changes a person's trajectory and sometimes a shift in trajectory changes a life ♥