Sleeve Tags

Dissonant Designs Sleeve Tag

I have always loved details; they are those little touches that pull back the curtain and reveal all the thought that was put into creating a piece of clothing. Love is in the details - and so is style. Every short-sleeve t-shirt comes with the option to have a mirrored tag placed on the sleeve - a detail that has quickly become a customer favorite. Mirrored sleeve tags come in a variety of colors and with several different sayings that are picked by me to go with each shirt. 

Tags are adhered with rivets and sealed together with a small dot of permanent glue inside each rivet to ensure they stay put for the life of the garment. I do not recommend sleeve tags be placed on t-shirts that will be worn by children younger than 3 years old unless they are supervised; they are securely adhered but could come lose with aggressive pulling. 

Sweatshirts and hoodies come with mirrored hem tags that are laser engraved with the Dissonant Designs name and are hand-sewn on by me with a variety of different thread that I pick out specifically to go with a design. Hem tags are a recent addition to the line up but customers rave about the little extra touch on each piece. 

I'm proud to say that you won't find these details or tags anywhere else! They are original and offered only by Dissonant Designs. If you love beautiful, thoughtfully placed details, you've come to the right place!